Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rank 2 walkthrough

Trade with Bartlebee: 10x Potted Plant to receive T-square.
Send T-square to Milmano via mail. Receive Lumber Mill Module Blueprint.
Trade with Milmano: 10x Honey Pot to receive Millstone Blueprint.
Send Millstone to Pel Tonne. Receive Electric-Dam Module Blueprint.
Trade with Pel Tonne: 10x Lumber to receive Beaver Blueprint.
Send a Beaver to Milly P Enstock by mail. Receive Treason Beaver Blueprint.
Trade with Milly P Enstock: 10x Blue Brick to receive Wind Mill Module
Create Electric-Dam Module and put on your page. Wait for clicks and receive Water Mill Module Blueprint.
Click on a friend's Quixotic Gallery Module to get a Heroic Story.
Send Don Brickote the Heroic Story by mail to recive a Windmill Tilter Bluprint.
Click on a friend's Wind Mill Module for a chance to win a Giant Bluprint.
Buy a Millstone Hurling Module from Milly P Enstock.
Have a friend click it to get the Giant's Hat Masterpiece. Ingredients: 80 Lumber, 40 Blue Bricks, 1 Giant, 80 Red Bricks, and 1 Millstone.

Bionicle Walkthrough

Start by going to and go to the Products tab.
Click on "Agori," and click on Raanu.
Click on the lower-right hand corner of the big picture. Follow Raanu's instructions.
Befriend Raanu, and get his Thornax Plant Module blueprint. Then befriend Malum. The module requires 2 Red LEGO Bricks to make and 1 red brick to get it.
Send Malum one thornax. Recieve thornax stew blueprint.
Befriend Zesk and send him thornax stew. It requires 1 rock salt and 5 Thornax to make. get rock salt at Malum's page for 10 Thornax. Recieve Musk of the Bonehunter.
Befriend Vorox and trade him 5 Thornax stews for a stinger oath.
Send Raanu the stinger Oath. Recieve Agori Honor Badge, Rank 1.
Build the badge and befriend Tarduk.
Click on someone's jungle adventure sticker module and spend one thornax for a chance to win a Ancient scroll. Send it to Tarduk. Recieve Agori Honor Badge, Rank 2.
Build the badge and befriend Gresh. Warning: Don't send Gresh a Thornax. He only gives you reference. Just follow the steps, and don't worry if you think you missed something. You didn't.
Get Gresh's Seal for 1 Thornax on his page. Befriend Tarix and Berix.
Get the Ancient Spear Blueprint for 1 Thornax on Berix's page.
Every 6 hours, go to Tarix's or Berix's product page for a chance to win spear fragments or red pearls. Trade Tarix Red pearls at his page for the Agori Honor Badge, Rank 3.
Once you have all the stuff you need, send tarix the ancient spear. Recieve Tarix's Seal.
Befriend Metus. Click on someone's Desert Adventure Sticker module and spend a Thornax for a chance to win a Desert Spring Location. Send to Metus. Recieve Iconox's Favor (which is pretty dumb to be mailable).
Befriend Strakk and trade with both his seal and the badge blueprint.
Befriend Atakus and trade 50 Thornax to recieve Ataku's Mark.
Befriend Skrall and trade him 25 Thornax for Skrall's seal. Trade Gresh a Thornax for the Glatorian Contract Blueprint.
Build it and send to Raanu. Recieve Agori Honor Badge, Rank 5.
Build your badges!
Find someone with a Bonehunter Trap Module and click on it until you get 25 Bonehunter Blades.
Get the Agori Trophy Module Blueprint from Raanu's page.
Build the module.
Trade 10 Thornax to Atakus for the BIONICLE Skin.
Build it and go to the Page Builder section of your private page.
Go to the Edit Background section and change your skin to BIONICLE (Now your page background looks like the Agori's/Glatorian's background!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rank 1 Walkthrough

To start you'll need some Mason Jars which can be obtained from Henriettas page for five Apples.
Build two Mason Jars then befriend Bee Keeper Bill and trade on his page for the Worker Bee blueprint.You will need three of these for the next stage so build them now.
Befriend Flora, then send her a Worker Bee by mail for the Flower Patch Module and trade the remaining two for the Potted Plant blueprint.
You then send a Potted Plant to Bee Keeper Bill to recieve the Hive Module. To build the Hive Module you need three Worker Bees and twenty Red Bricks
You then need to go to someones page with a flower patch module on and click on it to turn your Worker Bee into a Pollenated Bee to run your Hive Module.
You can then use the honey created to get the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece blueprints.
To get the Drone Bee, which will be needed send Bartlebee a Red Flower. He will in return send you a blueprint for the Bee Battle Module, Rank 1. Make it, then set it up with a Worker Bee. If someone clicks it and loses, you will receive the Drone Bee blueprint.

Rank 0 Walkthrough

Read your message from Echo, collect the attachment
Make 7 apples, send 1 to Echo
Collect the Apple Pie Blueprint and search "Farmer John" in the search member box
Add Farmer John to your Friends List, send him an Apple Pie
Collect the Crimson Apple Masterpiece Blueprint, then make it

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